It was chilly this morning

This morning I noticed that the temperature was only 8.5C (12C inside) as I got up at 06:45 to walk the dogs. My local PWS reported a low of 10.6C but we are lower here being almost at sea level.
Following rain in the night and in the morning, yesterday was quite sunny and warm. The humidity was responsible for the lower temperatures this morning so we could do with some sun and wind to dry out the ground.

Last night, following our walk, a certain female puppy took herself off for a wander rather than come back for food and bed. I fed the others and put them all in their crates, letting out hers to the smallest together with a bowl of food – he was well happy! She appeared after a while and started winding up the others. Since I was alone on the camping, I didn’t care much what she did as there was no one other then me who would get upset. She barked and carried on following her initial enthusiasm at being at large whilst the others were in bed. When night fell, she changed her tune especially as it got cooler. I finally went out after a couple of hours, let them all out for a wander on the beach before putting them back in. She had the smallest crate rather than the penthouse she normally occupies and I was kind enough to give her some food too. I’m not sure she will get the message as she is quite a slow learner. I’m getting them used to being on their own, giving them turns at being alone in the smallest crate which is literally a crate with another stacked on top of it.

Last night’s walk was quite long and included some swimming for Boris. I didn’t encourage the others to participate as there was quite a cold wind and it was chilly out of the sun. They are all getting quite good at climbing now and I set them challenges by putting myself in inaccessible locations so that they can work out how to get there. I’ve not heard from Lorraine recently so will drop her a message to see how things are progressing. February is soon to end.

We have Clean Monday next week which is an important festival involving kite flying and other activities. There is likely to be some wine drinking in there too no doubt! There will be kite flying on the beach at Grammeno too so I understand the world and his wife will be on the beach. I’ll have to distract Boris as he gets particularly excited by kites and barks a lot. We had some thunder in the night so he was able to practice his barking until I advised him that I didn’t take kindly to him barking at 02:00!

Today will not be that warm and we have some more unsettled weather to come.

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Clean Monday has the potential to be clean in the wetness sense if things don’t change by then!

I have read the bit on Crete quite a while back. I can recall the story of the old man by the naturist beach – he was only in his 20s but looked 80!

A cool north wind has appeared making it quite chilly when the sun goes behind a cloud. It is still fairly warm and all dogs, large and small, are currently sleeping building up their strength for their walk at 17:00. It’s all go!

I’m having a cup of tea and a biscuit.

I found some Cretan rusks in one of the cupboards in the kitchen yesterday left over from last year. They have quite a long life but are uninteresting at best, so I decided to donate them to the puppies. 

I’m sitting surrounded by the sound of puppies crunching away at bread rusks followed by the lapping of water from the pan left under the dripping external tap. They seem to eat constantly. 


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