I find that it’s usually better to do something else when things don’t work out as expected as it saves on frustration. I was finding this earlier when trying to prepare some photos of puppies for Lorraine Benson for rehoming purposes. I may need to consider getting a newer laptop because my 7 year old one is starting to show its age!

I was on the phone to Southdowns Sport Club, the one in Cockshut Lane, when all hell broke loose – all manner of barking and yapping by a total of 9 dogs (Boris & Dave + 4 puppies + Georgia’s 3) there was a visiting dog at the other end of the camping which was causing all the excitement. Probably from a nearby property or just passing through. I went to investigate with Dave +4 but it turned into a bit of a witch hunt and the dog looked harmless enough, so we withdrew to sit in the sun by one of the static vans.

It’s turned out quite warm today so Dave has retired to the hedge to pant and the puppies are in a heap in the shade under my bench.

Last night and the night before were definitely on the chilly side with morning temperatures down to 8C outside although the puppies don’t seem to mind too much. I have been woken up by Georgia’s dogs and the puppies barking at the fishermen who come in their boat at around 05:00. It is still dark at this time so I am less than pleased. Consequently, we have been going out at dawn which is at 06:25 with sunrise 06:58 today.

The forecast for today is 21C with clear skies. I will make use of the warm weather to catch up with the washing as the next few days promise to be cloudy and rainy.

I’ve had a couple of support calls recently including a chap who smashed the screen on his laptop. He needed a report for the insurance company so sent me some photos of the damaged device so that I could write the report.

Yellow Pages called yesterday to ask if would be continuing with my advertising but I told them that, like everyone else, I had gone virtual, so would not renew this year. It transpired that the customer service representative loves coming to Crete and was delighted that I was looking after some of the abandoned animals. She was telling me that they had smuggled kittens into their hotel room and that they were secretly feeding the other animals with scraps from the dining room. She said that abandoned animals were quite a problem where she went. She goes back this year in October.

I’d better get the washing going now… 


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