Still raining…

I found this email in your drafts and sent it to myself as it appears you may have forgotten to send it at the time.

Accolade is Gina in Leicester, a contact from Terry who used to do some website work for him. Certainly, if you do not continue with your website, you may be sure that people have less chance of knowing about your book. I have been advertising the book on Amazon for several weeks but, as yet, have received no orders.

Matthew and I conducted a visual telephone survey of the exterior of the house a little while ago. Matthew pointed out a number of items which he felt required attention including a displaced brick in the yard arch. We identified areas of gutters which are not falling correctly or are choked with grass and weeds. There are also a number of leaks on various joints too. I feel that it is unrealistic to carry out work from a ladder as well as against virtually every health and safety rule in the book. The best approach would either be to hire a mobile tower or what is called a ‘cherry picker’ which is a hydraulic lift, a bit like the ones used to service street lights and other street furniture. The pavement surrounding Fitzroy may not be entirely suited to a tall tower as it most likely falls away from the building and has quite a rough surface. Those gutter sections are bolted to the facia and are made of cast iron so very heavy. Many contractors would require a scaffold around the house but I suspect that could prove expensive: Matthew might be willing to work from a lift.

I expect it would be better for all of the external jobs to be undertaken in one go rather than to try to firefight, repairing things only when they break or fall off. Better for someone to identify what needs doing and spend time putting things right over a couple of days since much of the cost and time is in getting to site, arranging materials and equipment and generally getting on with the job. I would be happy to make a list of the things I think will require attention.

It is still raining…


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