It’s all go today

I have walked the dogs, had a shower and been shopping all before 11:00! I was up at 06:25 though.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain recently to make up for what we didn’t have in December, January and February and yesterday was sunny when it wasn’t raining. When it rained, it was quite hard but then the sun came out and it was warm for a bit. And so on.

I was quite busy with the work thing yesterday too and on whichever day it was before that one.

I should be having a meeting with Georgia later to discuss stuff about the camping, but this is Crete, so it could be today, tomorrow or next week – earliest.

The puppies are growing and I have wormed them today so they may lose weight once all the worms have gone! I didn’t know the stuff I had with me did worms too. I need to remortgage in order to buy a load more for this season as I have used up all I had.

There is still only me camping on the camping although there are people lurking in the rooms by the entrance. Neither Vagelis or I know who or how many people there are and in which rooms. Another thing on the list to talk to Georgia about. Vagelis and I feel that together we can move on the camping and make more of it but I understand that Georgia tends to micromanage so we may need to establish some ground rules. I will know more when we have this meeting.

The houses on the construction site now have windows and are progressing well. I can hear the mixer as I write above Boris snoring.
I met a young German woman the other day who has a small shop in town selling jewellery which she makes with her partner/boyfriend during the winter. Our Greek conversation degenerated into English pretty quickly as did the one I had with the Austrians who I met a few days before but I think I told you about that. I had a conversation with an old guy who was feeding his goats the other day but it was very brief and mostly about goats and dogs. And then there was this guy on the beach who was collecting whelks or something like that to use as bait for fishing. Everybody wants to know if I’m German but seem disappointed when I say I’m from England. Presumably, if I was German they would stop talking to me.

There were some nice people here at the weekend and I had a conversation with them but that was in English. The guy studied in Birmingham – poor sod!

Must go and walk the puppies before it rains…

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