No Internet for most of yesterday

There was no internet connection for most of yesterday as I think there was work going on in the road nearby. It came back on last night though.

It has been quite wet recently but hopefully it will be dry for a bit as I am getting fed up with all the sand in the van and the aroma of soggy doggy!

Here is the most recent forecast:

Inline images 1

There is little forecast of rain but the temperatures are quite low. Today it is 17C as I write with a chilly, quite strong wind from the northwest. But at least the sun is shining and the sky pretty clear so we will have some hot water later!

I understand the Dr Bike team is having a meeting this week to discuss what they are going to do. Joe sent me an email yesterday telling me all about it. He also updated me on the progress of his application to join the Fire Service: he has passed the theoretical and is attending the physical later this month. Between Joe and Edward, we could be well in with the emergency services. Perhaps Sophie would consider a career in the ambulance service?

I’ll probably call you later if the Internet is still working, so will not write much more


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