What news from the Rialto?

Yes, of course, my life would not be complete without my regular Costa updates.

It is 23C as I write and the puppies are sitting in their cages panting. I will give them some shade although they are able to move into the shade if they so desire.

It is very spring-like at the moment as the days are particularly warm and the nights and mornings are becoming warmer too. There are lots of birds and insects including locusts which have come from North Africa I suspect. The sea is still quite cold although this did not stop Dave and Boris earlier when they went for a swim. The puppies appear reluctant to take the waters…

There are men on the beach taking down the beach kantina as I understand these do not conform to current requirements. A shame in a way really as they have charm. Vagelis tells me that Georgia is hoping to get control of the catering for the entire beachfront: there is a new snack bar being built as part of the new development of 3 villas which seems to have taken an eternity. I’m not sure I would want the snack bar to be as near to my villa as it is, but then maybe I am hard to please. So all of the food, drink, chairs, umbrellas etc may soon be under the control of Grammeno Camping. We recently took delivery of more chairs and umbrellas when Georgia came back with her pickup stacked with stuff. Vagelis and I unloaded and stowed it all away.

The workmen are also in the process of building a swimming pool which seems to be about only 1m deep and not very big. I am not sure why I should want a pool if I have the sea in front of my house: it is probably for people who have more money than brains.

I am also lead to believe that I am to be engaged as camping security during the summer. My responsibilities are to include making sure people pay for their drinks and that the staff do not pocket the money rather than putting it in the till. You may have seen from my other email that I have set up another camera looking out from the covered area not far from the van. Part of my security program…

Boris is lying in his bed outside guarding the puppies who are in their cages and Dave is flat out on the floor in the van. For the summer I intend getting dog houses so that they can stay outside all of the time.
When I called yesterday, I spoke about the trip to the vet on Saturday and the sick puppies on the way back. The joy of having to clear out Vagelis’ car – fortunately, he is still my friend as we sat drinking Ouzo last night, plotting what we are going to get Georgia to do with the camping.

I also chatted to the new lad, Costas, who replaces Andy, the Albanian. This lad is Greek but not of Greek origin as he looks a bit Asian. He does not speak English which is good as it means I have to talk to him in Greek. He seems a nice lad but I think he might be finding the work a little hard as it’s all quite physical at the moment. As it’s only his second day here, it’s a bit early to tell.

There is to be a new website for the camping and I chatted to the developer last week. He was born in Canada so I was careful to ask him where he was born so as not to label him as American. We chatted about stuff and I am going to produce the English text for the new site – my claim to fame!

So there you have it


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