and we all ate and drank a little Ouzo, ate squid and octopus, salad and fish. There are lots of edible things in the sea in these parts and we are lucky to have people who like to get them.

Vagelis and Dino have been working hard to get the camping in order for the coming season and it is taking shape now that the flower beds have been tended and the long grass cut back. Vagelis is no chicken as he is four years younger than me. I have done a little but have been concentrating on other things mainly the WiFi project.

I am due to have a meeting with Georgia with Vagelis acting as interpreter. I am able to mainly understand what is being said but I am not easily able to express myself sufficiently well in these circumstances. Vagelis and I have already discussed things so he is able to put on the desired ‘spin’ when he’s talking to Georgia. He knows what I want and he knows how Georgia’s Greek mind works, so he’s a useful chap to have as intermediary.

Today Georgia briefly explained another project she has in mind for a site adjacent to the camping. She is thinking of developing it with wooden chalet-style buildings for summer and winter use, to a high standard. I have talked about people from northern Europe who wish to spend the winter months somewhere warmer and am actively moving to promote the existing accommodation for winter occupation. Georgia is considering providing a building on the camping where people can get together when the weather is poor. This could encourage people to camp in tents longer. You would need to be keen to stay in a tent all winter as it does get quite cool at night and there is nothing to do once it gets dark. In a van, you have heating and can amuse yourself with films and recorded material or TV downloaded via the Internet.

If I can market the camping to encourage winter visitors as well as visitors to potential chalets. Perhaps retain some of the land for hard standing from motorhomes which could then be used as the foundation for chalets depending on how well the idea takes off. I have seen a similar arrangement in the site in Venice where they have developed the site with a variety of accommodation of which some is adapted to year-round occupation. By doing this you are able to extend the season year-round rather than having to make money only during July and August. Most sites on Crete close from October to April so there is little competition.

It could all get quite interesting and it’s certainly a lovely place to work.

On that note, I think I will take to my bed as it is now 22:04!…

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Christopher Franks <>Wed, 26 Mar 2014, 15:32
to James, me

Busy again today as I have been shopping. Soon the nice lady will simply leave the feta and olives out on the counter for me to pick up.
Still no dried figs. I may have to resort to a trip into town to find some. No dates either!
Warm and sunny today with all dogs outside enjoying the sunshine.
Here is the current prediction:

Inline images 1

But then it is nearly April so what would you expect?


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