Greek Revolution

You can read all about the Greek Revolution by clicking the words.
Today is a national holiday in Greece and I understand there may be a requirement for some Ouzo drinking later.

It is a lovely sunny day and it is already 18C although we have been warmer over the past few days with temperatures as high as 23C.
Most of the puppies are outside as are Dave and Boris. The little girl has been confined to barracks since she escaped from the line she was on, ran across the road, disappearing into the neighbour’s yard. There she met quite a fierce cat and doubled back to find me directly behind her ready to grab her and to take he back. Now she is solitary! We have to go on walks on a line otherwise she bunks off and I have to go chasing round the campsite trying to find her. Although the traffic is not very dense here, I do not want her to come to a nasty end on the road outside – especially as I have paid €65 to have her chipped and immunised!

There is not a lot going on as you can imagine and I suspect some people may venture on to the beach later. My neighbour has been out on his windsurfer with varying degrees of success, creating excitement for Boris as he likes to bark at windsurfers.

Other than that, very little to report at this time.

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