Borgward Hymer

It would seem that Hymer used the Borgward lorry chassis for their early motorhomes.

I came upon this photo when looking for something else.

Inline images 1

Crete is sunny and warm as usual and I am the only customer on-site as my German neighbours have taken their daughter and puppy to Elafonissi for the day. They have decided that they are going to keep their dog so came to me this morning for the details of the vet who did the puppies a couple of weeks ago. Vagelis’ car still has a certain aroma about it he says…
The neighbours are moving on soon so wish to have the dog chipped and get a Pet Passport for him.

All dogs are currently out enjoying the sunshine although some have taken refuge under the van. Boris is lounging in front of his bed. There are some of my clothes hanging on the line as well as some less smelly puppy blankets drying over the fence which separates the camping from the beach. I have stopped walking them last thing at night as I am able to take them out later now since it is not dark until 19:00. Things will change this weekend when the clocks go forward by one hour. At present we are able to go out for our walk around 06:00 but that will change on Sunday when 06:00 becomes 07:00. Maybe if I say nothing to the puppies they won’t notice…
I suppose I should have some lunch now.


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