Unjust World

I’m definitely still here.

A few spots of rain earlier but now sunny and warm with the neighbours surfing, their dog on the beach. My dogs barking at the windsurfer.

They had a nice time at elafonissi yesterday and I am getting them lined up for their dog to visit the vet on Monday.

Vagelis is cutting back the trees all around me as part of the camping preparations for the coming summer.

I have just made a cup of tea and hoping my bread will rise so that I can bake it. So far it is making a feeble attempt at rising. 

So I’m walking round the camping on my way back to the van when I see a ball laying on the ground next to the fence separating the camping from the next door property. There are two young Greek boys in the yard who disappear as I lean over the fence. In my very best Greek I say “is this your ball?” as I lean over the fence ready to give it back to them. And they answer “Yes, thank you” in very nice English.

Maybe I should postpone my new career as undercover agent in Greece…

I don’t think there are many people here who don’t know me however, I have yet to meet them. Knowing one of the most important people from a long-established family has its benefits I suppose.

I have been with Georgia and Vagelis discussing plans for the camping, eating and drinking a little local wine. I left at 18:00 to walk the dogs as business had degenerated into drinking red wine – I think I prefer the white. Georgia was tactfully asking me if I would like to change positions in the camping since the area I now occupy is used exclusively by tents in the summer. I was about to ask her if I could move to the back of the camping out of the way of the summer visitors as I didn’t fancy being surrounded by all the riffraff. She got in first so I graciously agreed to move elsewhere. I can move back in September if I wish.

Some annoying little dogs are barking outside so I am about to have a word with them.

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