A trifle windy today

Gusts up to 94.3 km/h this morning so I helped to fasten down my neighbours’ windsurfing equipment which threatened to take a trip to Libya if not contained.

It is sunny, just very windy.

I have been out with the puppies to try to locate a more secluded location for the van in anticipation of the busy season. Better to find a place and maybe carry out some landscaping modifications prior to moving there than try to change thing once I am there.

Most of the puppies are away. Except the girl who prefers to be out rather than in. The two brothers are both in but the largest boy couldn’t be found when I was putting them away but his door is open, so he can help himself. Boris is laying low in his bed sheltering from the wind and Dave has decided that the van, even though it is busking and shaking with every gust, is the safest place to be. The biggest problem in these conditions is flying objects, but I’ve had a walk around and I think everything is fastened down.

Here are the results so far today:

Inline images 1

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