Sunny Crete is still sunny

April 1st yesterday but there is no pinch and a punch in Greece as far as I can work out and I’m not sure if the do April Fools either.

I did lots of washing yesterday and got it all dry. I also tidied all of the rubbish out of the van getting rid of the useless stuff I had been keeping just in case it might come in handy.

Costas and Vagelis are still working hard on the site getting it ready for the beginning of the season.

The cheap flights from EasyJet and so on have now started however there is a seaman’s strike at present so anyone travelling on the ferry to or from Crete might have a few problems. The routes to Italy are also affected so I understand. Talking to Laura during our mutual but separate dog walks this morning, there appears to be some form of disruption on the ferries about this time every year. It annoys the summer traders as, after all, the economy is bad enough as it is!

All dogs were out by 08:20 yesterday and it was the same again today. The weather is warm enough for them to be outside and it’s more interesting for them than being in their cages. I have to untangle them from time to time though otherwise, eventually, they are no longer able to move! Mostly they just lie in the sun, barking at anything that goes along the beach. Unless it’s too hot, in which case they don’t bother.

I need to get in the shower to avoid the queues as I need to get to the supermarket as I have very little food.

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