Ferry to Piraeus

It’s been a long day as the ferry left Souda much later, due to the strike, so arrived in Pireaus during the morning rush hour, consequently, we were stuck outside waiting for a slot. I was on deck with Dave, as I had left all the others in the van, not having the desire to struggle with six dogs from the garage deck to deck 10. They were ok this morning, just a little warm due to the fridge lorry churning away all night next to the van. The puppies are getting the hang of the travelling business although they found it quite a struggle to begin with as well as being left alone all night. Two of them have been allowed to travel out of their cage, immediately evicting Dave from his bed by the driver’s seat! They are becoming bolder and enjoy the space in the van. Now that I’m parked up, they are all out in various locations although Boris is in his boudoir. I emptied the shower room of almost everything except the large food container, so he has it all to himself: food bowl, water, bed, the lot. He can even read in bed as he has his own light!

Due to the strike, we will leave later from Patras and arrive later in Venice. My next job is to write to the vet in Venice to get an appointment for Saturday. A sudden invasion of 6 dogs on a Saturday morning may cause international relations to become strained. Hopefully, I should still be ably to get back sometime on Monday.

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