Sunny and warm in Crete today

Now that April is upon us, the weather is definitely picking up. The nights are warmer as are the days. It’s a bit cloudy occasionally but generally good. 
All dogs are well and currently sleeping in the sun quietly. 
Vagelis tells me he broke the glass in the door of one of the chalets as he was cutting the grass earlier so he’s rushing around trying to get a new pane for the weekend as I think it is let. Visitors are arriving and an English guy called Robert is staying for a while and was asking about the Internet connection. I told him I was planning to redo it all putting in more repeaters because the trees are stopping the signal getting through as they are now growing at full speed.  
I understand there will be lots of people in the camping over Easter. Lamb is the Easter dish and will be spit roasted over a slow fire with herbs and garlic. There may possibly be some Ούζο and perhaps a little wine too. Who knows?


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