Facts of life

It is actually this month now although I was having June at the end of last week for some reason.

I have been doing lots of things with computers recently, mostly in Walton (not as in “Good night John-Boy) but as in Surrey (not as in ‘Fringe on Top’). Also in Hampshire in Bordon for the furniture charity.
Yesterday, as you may recall, I met up with Vagelis and his partner Niki and we went for a walk in the morning and then had a couple of beers in the Grammeno bar which, as you may have gathered, is now open. June 1 is a holiday so people started arriving on Friday/Saturday but are now leaving if they have to go back to work.
Κερια Σοφια is back on the camping together with her son (a bit younger than me) and her grandson, one of the many Στελιοσ (less now as her husband of 100+ years, another Steleos, died) whom I met last year when he came during the summer. You might recall that I mentioned that he was making films all around Greece for touristic purposes. Unfortunately that folded due to the recession. I drank coffee and chatted about staff leaving etc and then spent another couple of hours on the phone to Walton (not as in John-Boy) sorting out an Internet problem with Jackson, as in Pat.
I spoke to Terry earlier and he explained his trip to Athens which was definitely whistle-stop! He talked about coming out on a direct flight to Crete (Κρητη) as he also worked out that to fly to Athens (Αθήνα) and then come to Crete for a visit requires three days and lots of travelling. Flying direct to Χανιά (Chania or Hania) is a better plan, quicker and cheaper.
I understand from Κερια Σοφια (who knows everything) that the new wooden cabins go for €40 per night. There are two beds but the price is for the room so it’s permissible to stick a couple of kids on the floor. If the week rate is €280 for four people, I suppose that is not too bad although there may be a discount. How long it will all take to pay for itself is another matter. I suppose if she paid €1,000 for each, you can make it back reasonably quickly.
I’m going for a shower before everyone uses the hot water!