Kostas – Salt Man

This morning the Salt Man (Ο Κοστασ) was there for the first time this season. I could see his Jeep as I approached the beach as it had a long coil of plastic pipe on the roof which was tied down to the front bumper. He had not been able to take the Jeep onto the sand for some reason but later I saw him driving away having unloaded everything. I also saw the motorbike of Salt Man II (Name unknown, but Bulgarian) so I suspect they may be teaming up to form a Salt Cartel!

Costas told me he had given up smoking a couple of months ago but now he felt always hungry. I didn’t wish to tell him that I thought he’d put on a little weight. He had collected his salt and I was at the beginning of our walk, so we threw the ball a few times for Boris and parted.
Other excitements today include doing a lot of washing and playing with servers in Walton.
It is 29.6C again today and it was warm when I went out just after 06:00 so I didn’t really need the hoodie I had put on.