Salt Man

Nearly, just that Κοστασ COSTAS is his name. A name which he shares with quite a few other people here. In fact, one of the lads who worked here last year called himself Costas even though his name was Dino since there was already someone called Dino working here. As it turned out, at least one other Costas ended up working here by the end of the season!

Why would Crete wish to have a Costa coffee shop, when they already have the original Greek Kafe Neo? Incidentally, for any feminists, Καφέ Νέο was restricted to men only until comparatively recently and was a place where men could go to play Backgammon, smoke and drink coffee, amongst other things, without being bothered by their spouses. Furthermore, in some Cretan villages, the women were not referred to by their own names but by their husband’s – Costas’ wife for example.
On the subject of names, there is someone called Παντολισ which is really Pantolis but which is pronounced PaDolis as the letter combination of ‘NT’ is pronounced ‘D’. Anyway, the letter ‘N’ in the middle of a word is not always pronounced. For example, the word PANDA πάντα which means ALWAYS is pronounced PADA omitting the ‘N’ as ‘ντ’ becomes ‘d’. I hope you are all keeping up!