Salt Man

I can embed photos into a document, as I did before, then send you the document to print. The photos will be in colour but your printer is not, so you would be better to ask EMC as she has colour.

So I was talking to this support desk technician in some other country using a chat program and he wanted me to do something on the server in Walton. I said that as I am 2,500km from the server it might take a while. Anyhow, between us we fixed the problem so hopefully I can finish installing the server.
Today’s high is 30.3C which makes it the hottest in June (not hard really) but not the hottest in the year so far as that was on 7 May when it was 34.6C (94.3F). I can trade weather information against Costa patron updates.
Padolis arrived earlier with 80kg of dog food from town. I have been asking him to get me some for a few days but they were all busy over the holiday weekend so were unable to help. Yesterday, I went to him in the evening with a bit out of one of the old bags with the name, together with €80 (£60) which I stuck into his hand. That way he was unable to avoid doing something. I should not need to ask anyone to get me food until the end of August.
Costis, the optician, emailed earlier to tell me that my new glasses had arrived so I’m going into his shop tomorrow morning to pick them up. He starts at 09:45 and works until 14:00 then from 18:15 to 22:00!