Wow! I can see!

Kostis was ready in his shop when I arrived. I stopped at the bakers to buy bread but there was no Brown Rye left so I had a loaf with lots of seeds instead. Perhaps I should phone ahead and reserve my bread?

The wind, what there was of it, was blowing from Paleochora, which is east of Grammeno, so I had it behind me on the return journey which was a good thing as it was warmer (29C – 84F) by then.
The glasses are fine but I will have to get used to the difference in the varifocal composition as it seems finer than my other pair. I understand that it’s very important to look directly at what I wish to see as otherwise it will not be correctly focused. Kostis and I chatted for a bit until a customer came into the shop but, considering I left Grammeno at 09:30, I was back by 10:30.
I left the Small Dogs in the van with the gate closed as I hoped they would be quieter if inside. Fortunately there were no undesirable surprises when I went in although I could see the Luis had been using the laptop to email some of his mates.
Now back to configuring EG’s servers after some breakfast.