Going out for our walk last night, we passed the restaurant area where there was a row of tables with lots of children munching away. Returning, I saw that Manolis, Georgia’s brother, was on patrol so assume the children were part of some sort of celebration. Judging by the number of items of small footwear on the plinths outside of the wooden cabins this morning, it would seem that they slept over.

The day started a little dull and we encountered Costas (Salt Man) and his side-kick, Salt Man I, busily pumping water from the sea to fill the pools on the rocks. It would appear that they are a team which should make the work a little easier. I pointed out that a number of people had been present the previous evening to help themselves to the salt. Then we walked on to finish our morning exercise. Luis seemed to be in ball-chasing mood today and had it pretty much all his own way as Boris is still on reduced exercise following his overindulgence the other day. Boris managed to resist the temptation to take his ball whilst contenting himself with an old, broken ball, which I threw short distances for him so that he could feel part of a team.
The day has brightened up but is still quite muggy and airless since there is virtually no wind.
I have been entertaining myself playing with Microsoft Server 2008 and 2013. All good entertainment as I learn how to use these advanced versions of server having left myself in a time warp with Server 2003, the old faithful soon to be unceremoniously deprecated on 14 July – Bastille Day!
A small Fido wanders in and out of the van where I am sitting, to periodically lick Dave’s ears. Luis is lurking under the vehicle probably to emerge later with a black Mohican.