Moisture = mosquitoes

We have had MOISTURE!

Totally unacceptable!
In JUNE, what is more!
Not enough to register on my rain gauge but I needed to go outside to bring in blankets and dog beds etc. I shouldn’t need to be thinking about rain until at least the end of SEPTEMBER!
I shall ask for a refund; to talk to the Prime Minister, although he may have more pressing concerns at this time.
I might dissolve!
Pretty scary stuff that you are beginning to get to grips with the world. I’ve never managed to do that and content myself by playing with my little boxes in my own happy little world of computers.
I met a chap on the beach last night when out with the dogs. His name was Alberto so you probably cannot guess where he comes from although I feel I can help you to guess with a hint: spaghetti. He said that he is very happy with his time in Crete and indicated that the south of the island is more agreeable to him than the north. He is only a boy, having been born in 1973. I know this, as he mentioned it when I said that I first came to Greece at that time. He had been laying in the sun enjoying himself until he was invaded by a load of dogs and this English bloke. I did not see him as I glanced over to see if the Small Beach was devoid of persons however he seemed undisturbed by the dogs and proceeded to pack up as the sun was beginning to set. Boris spent the entire time of our conversation swimming out and back to retrieve the ball insisting on each occasion to give it to Alberto rather than to me. Anyway, he leaves Paleochora to continue his tour of the island today before returning home on Friday. He tells me he always takes his holidays off-season.
This morning I was accosted by a Frenchman looking for a location to empty his chemical closet, which I duly showed him before embarking on a conversation regarding his stay in Crete. He came from Nice but has now left the camping to head on round the island to the north.
The rain has increased the humidity and activated the mosquitoes.