Already 27C and it’s only 09:30

I forgot to mention that there were a couple of ladies sun bathing in the rocks near to the ball-throwing area the other evening. I had spotted them when one of them popped up from behind the rocks and was hoping that perhaps the dogs might not spot then. Luis got wind of them hotly pursued by Fido however there was only minimal barking when I looked over to see the Small Dogs being petted with Dave looking on. Eventually Boris tired of his ball and also went over. At which point the ladies put on their clothes as it was clouding over anyway. We had a bit of a chat whilst I threw Boris’ ball since he can never resist the temptation to show off in front of strangers by galloping after his ball returning to drop it at their feet. I decided to leave them both in peace and took the dogs off over the rocks. They were from Germany and had been to Crete on a number of occasions.