First cuckoo of Spring

Well, not exactly, but the first cicada of summer was heard yesterday evening whilst out walking. And they seem to be everywhere. The sound of the Mediterranean is the continuous chirping of the cicada, for me in any case. I remember my first visit to southern France hearing them in the trees in Uzès and all around the farmhouse where we were staying. In a camping where I went once, there was a cicada in a tree near one of the lights which was kept on all night. The cicada, thinking it was still day, used to go day and night without rest.

The biting flies and mosquitoes seem particularly annoying this year, presumably because the winter was so wet proving ample breeding grounds for them. Despite my advanced mosquito defenses in the van, the little biters are finding their way in via some secret back door as I am pestered by mosquitoes at night gaining more than my fair share of bites. There was one buzzing around early this morning. It was only small but that didn’t stop it from biting. Maybe I should consider recruiting more spiders to take a proactive role in insect entrapment and removal. That way I have a valid reason for not bothering to remove their webs.

It is quite hot today and Dave is in his house, a bit like Horatio on the bridge, snapping at any flies trying to get past him at the entrance.

The nice lady from the supermarket was there again this morning although she was too busy to say hello. There is another lady on the till now who is very efficient and polite. She was stacking shelves yesterday as I waited at the checkout to be served. When she appeared she said that I should shout to get attention but I replied that I was in no rush and had plenty of time.

No activity on the new building site today but still plenty going on at the apartments opposite.