More reinforcement

Passing the new building site on the way to the supermarket I could see a large artic delivering yet more reinforcing steel. I didn’t have my camera with me so was unable to take a photo. I will take one tomorrow.

At the supermarket I stocked up on olives, tea and bread. The new deli counter lady is not fully trained but I managed to get her to use a sensibly sized plastic bag for my olives. I’m not certain she understands about my olive consumption yet.
There were men with ladders, one of whom I recognised, as he is my new friend from the beach. He calls out when I walk past with the dogs in the evenings and tells me about his dogs and what he likes to do. I think he is working for CBV as Georgia is concentrating on the camping this year and not the chairs and the kantina which, I suspect, might not have worked so well for her last year. They were installing a fire system in the supermarket and he was putting up the detectors and helping with the wiring. They appear to use Cat V cable which is the same cable used in computer networks. I understand from Vagelis’ girlfriend/partner that Georgia ordered a fire system from the shop where she works in Chania. The one in the camping has not worked at least since 2011 when I first came. Also at the supermarket I was accosted by a man with whom I have spoken in the past. We talked about weather and where I came from and I think he was relieved to know that I am not German. Dimitris, the owner/manager now says good morning and asks me how I am in English. He and I had a session of “Have a nice day” at the checkout the other day as I think I mentioned previously.
It is already 28.8C outside and 32.5C (90.5F) inside, so I suspect it might be another quite warm day.