Small Dog called Fido

You did mention your extraordinary level of gardening activity in the back yard. A man’s work, as you state, is never done.

It is hot here and my knees are in the sun. There is a Small Dog called Fido under my lounger. He periodically rushes off to lick Dave’s ears and to chase away the abundant flies.
It is now 31.7C but my knees are enjoying it.
I watched a Brazilian film in Portuguese last night. Portuguese is what 99% of Brazilians speak. Fortunately I found some English subtitles with it as my Portuguese is limited to very few words. It was about a blind teenager who thinks he will not be able to fall in love due to his disability but ends up falling in love with his best friend. Stifled by over-protective parents, he yearns to get away to a foreign country where he can start again in a new environment. He is tormented at school by other students but has a special friend who takes him home and invites him to her house to use the swimming pool. Until, one day, a new student joins the class. The final shot is Leo, the blind boy, riding a bike with his best friend standing on the back shouting directions. It was a nice film: no sex, no violence and just teenagers being teenagers.