Wonky equipment

You need to be patient with your equipment as it’s old, cranky and wonky. The computer is little better!

Greek airforce is feeling the heat so has decided to go up in one of their nice jets to enjoy the air conditioning. They fly over the mountains and make a lot of noise which encourages Boris to bark. I can’t stop the planes from coming over but Boris is now quiet due to having an e-collar round his neck. He tried to escape into his little house as I approached to put it on but I yanked his rope and pulled him out. He has stopped barking…
To be politically correct, I’m not sure it’s acceptable to label fat-arsed women with ample breasts in that way. The more acceptable term is well-nourished which does it for me as many are too stupid to take it as an insult.
I think the fire is now out as there is less smoke. Fortunately it is early in the season or most of southwest Crete could have gone up in flames. The prevailing wind is to the mountains and we have the beach and the sea on the doorstep but those on the other side could be less fortunately. Due to the cuts, the fire service is reduced to a bucket and a couple of water pistols.
The Greece – EU standoff continues. The ECB and IMF are distancing themselves whilst continuing to finance Greek banks with a few more billion Euros. The EU has finally published its version of the content of the Greek proposal and it all sounds very reasonable. Until that is, you think back to the fact that it was the German and French banks that happily lent the money to Greece in the first pace and were themselves bailed out with public money in the first round of EC loans. The subsequent loans have mostly paid off the interest to financial institutions making others rich. Little of it has seen the light of day in the pockets of Greek people who have suffered five years of austerity to save foreign banks from loans forced upon previous administrations by the EC. Better to vilify the Greeks and make them scapegoats in the same way as the Jews in the 1930’s. No one seems to talk much about the London Agreement of 1953 where Germany’s post-war debt was cut in half then set off over thirty years for repayment.
The whole thing is a political charade, nothing more than soap opera-style entertainment for the masses. The EC needs to grasp the fact that lenders are just as culpable as borrowers and the money should never have been lent in the first place. Making Greek people responsible for the foolhardiness of big [German and French] banks, who should know better but were just interested in making loans and a fast buck, is monstrous.