30C at 09:00 – it may be hot again today

Even at 09:00 it was already 30C so today may be a little warmer than yesterday. A bit of a pain as I have not cycled to the supermarket yet to buy bread. Even sitting in the van wearing only shorts, I am sweating. Fido is flat out on the floor at my feet and even Luis doesn’t seem to have the energy to bark much.

I have new Greek neighbours in the nearest chalet. They have brought their little terrier dog and a young kitten on holiday with them. They were in the camping briefly last year in a tent but have taken a chalet this time. They plan to come back again later in the season. They have a young daughter who attends a private school specialising in language. She seems quite bright although a little lonely since they admit that it would have been better if they’d brought her a friend. They also forgot to bring their holiday games as they wanted to be able to play together as they don’t seem to be able to find the time when they are at home. Needless to say, both parents speak good English and the mother is a psychologist. I think she is planning to use me as her holiday entertainment although I think I might give her a rough time by leading her on a merry dance. Two can play at the psychology business. It was Fido that introduced us as he wandered off to look up their little dog who was not that pleased to receive an interloper. I took Luis down to see them later so that he could see for himself what was there rather than it remain a perpetual mystery.
At 10:00 it is now 33.4C so I think I should go to the supermarket before it gets any hotter!