Nation of tea-drinkers

We are a nation of tea drinkers. I drink tea! I like coffee too but am having a break from coffee just now.

You are having a little rain. Better on a Monday than during the weekend.
I met up with Kostas (Salt Man – the original version) who has been to Athens to see the doctor. He tells me that the doctor wants €400 to put his wrist right and that his tests showed that his sugar was high as well as his cholesterol. He also has problems with his eyes as he has to wear sunglasses when it’s bright. It is quite often bright here, except usually at night. I was thinking of teaming Kostas up with June so that they can compare medical conditions… He’s only a boy anyway as he is five years younger than me. He was also bemoaning the fact that there was not much salt as there had been little wind. He mentioned that he had refurbished his faithful water pump which he uses to raise the water from the sea to fill up all the hollows in the rocks. Kostas tells me that the salt-collecting Bulgarian, whom I have not seen for a few days, is not his friend. The Bulgarian, with the fancy Mercedes and the little dog, was on the beach yesterday evening and received a short visit from Fido who carefully peed up the adjacent tree – just making his mark.
It is warm, sunny and windy today with a max so far of 29.4C (84.9F)