What news?

We met some nice people on the beach last night. A man with a little girl who was doubtless his daughter. Calling him “daddy” probably gave it away. He was interested in the dogs, particularly Dave and Boris, but I suspect the little girl was probably more interested in the Small Dogs.

Then a woman with a baby appeared as I was rounding them up and giving them treats on the rock near to the entrance of that part of the beach. She was from Chania for the day and was equally interested in the dogs. She watched as Fido chewed at the desiccated bird which he has been enjoying for the past few days. He buries it and then retrieves it the following day. I doubt it can be very nutritious as it’s all dried out and shrivelled up!
Today has been sunny and warm with a high just over 30C. I have been doing things with servers in Walton and moving on with the upgrade.
Earlier I received an email from Erica warning me that they will be arriving in the small hour of the morning following their traditional nighttime flight. They will probably get here around 04:00 – yum! I recall that they will be here for five weeks on this occasion with both of their families staying in the camping for a few days. I think Erica gave her children their flights as a Christmas present. It seems unreal that they were here only at Easter although they missed the Easter Sunday MeatFest which was probably a good idea seeing as they are vegetarian.