Greece’s Financial Woes

There’s lots of interest in Greece’s financial woes at present as each ‘deadline’ comes and goes. I am beginning to see the logic of those who suggest the IMF is being deliberately difficult and actually provoking a default. The entire situation is beyond ridiculous and it’s more a question of politicians saving face or justifying their position. As is often commented, the pain and expense of actual Grexit and default far exceed any minor massaging of the figures in any of the proposed deals currently on the table.

I was talking to Matthew on the phone asking if he thought the fire engine would have its sirens on. His response was drowned out by the sound of sirens!

Matthew said they were very efficient, removing the offending slate using their extending ladder. They’d said they would get a different appliance over from Brighton if necessary. Anyway, problem solved with no expense except to the tax-payer.