Interesting post about the Greek situation

“So let’s summarize the absurdity of the current situation:

1. The lenders want to advance money to Greece so that the next day 95%+ of such funds go back out to the lenders’ account.
2. For this self-serving act (described in #1) they want Greece to abide to terms which Greece has accepted by 95% and perhaps a 5% is difficult or politically impossible to implement.
3. The lenders describe all this as “a last chance for Greece” even though it’s abundantly clear that this is a last chance of lenders’ nonsense of this caliber.

I wonder what the lenders would feel or say when their last proposal is put into a referendum for the Greek people to decide as the ultimate decision makers.

Does Schauble really believe that there is even a small chance that such referendum would justify his absurd positions? Are all in Berlin idiots or what?”

Janne and Erica arrived at around 5am, They dragged stuff out of their van so that they could get in it before going to bed. They must be very tired after their journey and the preparations for a five week stay in Crete.

All dogs, except Dave, of course, were particularly active this morning. The Small Dogs spent much of the time running madly after one another then reversing the roles. They are, of course, completely mad, but that goes without saying. Boris chased after his ball and went in the sea a couple of times. I think he prefers going in the sea in the evenings to the mornings. Salt Man (O Kostas) was out collecting salt.

There has been a ship moored in the bay between the promontory and Paleochora for nearly a week. It is the Amina H registered in Panama, where the canals come from.

Gross Tonnage: 9013
Deadweight: 15927 t
Length × Breadth: 146m × 21m
Year Built: 1981
Status: Active


You have Costa, I have ships.