Boundary fence

Following the arrival of my Swedish neighbours, we had the second hottest day yesterday of 35.9C (96.6F). They entertained themselves by pottering around getting their stuff out of store and generally setting up for their stay. They have constructed their own external cold water shower which they use after swimming. They also spent some time trimming back the trees and plants which are growing well following the wet winter. Janne is unable to sit still for more than two minutes so is perpetually working on some project or other or fixing something. The subject of fence construction came up in conversation yesterday however they are still deliberating the form it might take. I am hoping he will get bored before long and get on with it: that way, they will be determining their boundary as well as paying for the fence. I can then construct a fence at the other end of my territory, having relocated my van first. There is logic in waiting for them to construct first since their boundary is, to a certain extent, determined by the current position of my van: moving it would enable them to put their fence further from their plot, with me losing a carob tree into the bargain.
I too, went swimming yesterday evening whilst I was throwing Boris’ ball for him to swim out to. The other dogs simply either rolled in the sand or lazed on the beach. Following our walk I fed them and then went for a shower in the outside showers to wash off the salt and sand. The cold water is now quite warm so it’s quite pleasant to shower outside as well as being nearer.