Greek Crisis

Fortunately I am not economically connected to Greece as I own no property here and have limited, and portable assets.

The situation in Greece is not straightforward however you may be pleased to know that:
My money is in England in GBPounds and I change to Euros as and when needed.

Information received via UK and other Northern European media outlets is sensationalised and frequently quite inaccurate.

Most images of Greek turmoil come from Athens which is some 200 miles away from Crete across the sea. France is nearer to UK than Athens to Crete.

Whilst in Athens in 2011 with Edward, during the height of the riots, business continued as usual. People in UK were commenting that they would not travel to Greece due to the disruption, meanwhile young people were robbing and looting shops and burning cars in the major cities of UK.
People in Crete understand that expats living here are an important source of income so are not going to bite the had that feeds them. Tourism is one of the few sources of revenue left to Greece since many businesses have folded during the past years.
I have built up a network during the time I have been here so have plenty or opportunity to exchange information with local people.
Of course it is natural that someone living in the country, who has a knowledge of the nature and history of the situation, who reads widely from a number of different sources is bound to be less well informed that those who rely on UK media for all of their information…