Cooler and windier

It got cooler and windier yesterday evening and I had to shut the large rear window as it was banging. The door was the only thing open all night.

This morning I met up with Kostas (SM) who was, surprisingly, collecting salt as usual. He has refurbished his pump to the extent that it starts first time now! He threw Boris’ ball and I practiced Greek with him. Exciting sentences like “The water does not flow very fast because there are lots of holes and it’s a long way”. He made me count but I got bored after thirty and just did the tens up to one hundred. Unlike French where it all goes silly after sixty, Greek remains consistent once you get past twelve.
Without any prompting from me, Janne presented me with a fresh loaf of brown bread from the supermarket, some stale bread for the dogs and a box of herbal tea bags which they don’t like. I think they are quite nice but maybe a bit sweeter than they like.
It’s a bit cloudy but the sun is out and it’s warm.