Belgians on the beach

I may have forgotten to mention that I met some Belgians on the beach last night. I started talking with them in English but felt we might get on better if I spoke to them in a language they could understand. We were near the sea and they were asking what it was like during winter. I replied that it was quiet and often stormy but that I was very happy to be alone in my own little world by the sea. I sit and watch the ships going past but do no have to wonder where they are going thanks to my iPad app which tells me where they are going to and have come from as well as everything else including course, speed and that the cabin boy’s name is Roger.

I also received a plaintive message from Mr Lawrence, as in Simon at Lawrence Broking, asking me to resize pictures of his daughter Rosie who is currently in Istanbul applying for a visa so that she can return to India. He and Jean are in Istanbul with her helping to arrange the visa. I resized the image and sent it back to him in various formats so that he could print off the picture at an appropriate size for her application. So now I am supplying IT support services to Turkey! I suppose I had better not mention this aberration to the locals or I may be accused of consorting with the enemy.