Happy Holidays!

I hope you are having a lovely time in Essex and that the weather is behaving itself as you would hope. It was quite hot again today, 34.6C or 94.3F if you prefer.

Unfortunately, I have been working with computers all day on a variety of jobs but mostly to do with EG who have had no reliable email since last Wednesday. I have managed to rescue the virtual machines from the old server and am busily reinstalling them and getting them to fire up. I’ve also had requests from Inter Sport in Lewes to install a new computer for them as well as D’Arcey Haynes from Riva IB in London! Talk about it never rains…
 Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of time for socialising as I want to get this finally fixed as Furniture Helpline are moving premises in a few days so will require support for that. I have had to tell by little Danish friends to leave me to work in peace, sad as they are here only for a few days. Apparently, they had a great time at Elafonissi yesterday which resulted in my having a day without any ‘visitors’. I bumped into Valdemar’s mummy in the supermarket and offered to take back a water melon for her to save her coming back later on my bike. She RUNS to the supermarket and back to pick up bread and stuff to feed the mob. She tells me she completed the charity cycle ride between Copenhagen and Paris again this year. I’m not sure how old she is only that their eldest son is 16.
I waiting for one of my servers to hopefully come back online as the mail has been queuing up all this time…


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