All go!

Seems that you are having a lot of fun and that the weather is treating you kindly.

Tomorrow is all go. Literally speaking – Janne and Erica are leaving at 08:00 to return to Sweden and Valdemar, Ella and families are also leaving to catch the bus up to Chania and then on to Rethymno where they will stay the night before catching the plane from Iraklion back to Copenhagen on Saturday. They all return to their respective schools mid August following their seven week holidays.
However, on Saturday, the couple with the young daughter and the small kitten are returning for two weeks so I will have them to entertain me. As well as that, Nikos, from Athens is going on holiday with his partner Elefteria free camping somewhere and Crete has not been discounted from the list. They say they are not planning to come to Grammeno but they may decid otherwise when they actually leave for their holidays.
This evening on our walk we encountered a couple of German ladies who were on our beach enjoying the sun. The younger of the two said that she moved to Crete about four years ago and lives near to Elafonissi. Boris was in the sea with me and Dave was wandering about in the water being wet. Luis was sitting apart whilst Fido introduced himself to the elder of the two, plonking himself down on her beach towel and licking her ears. He had been previously encouraged by the younger woman who was doing his bidding and petting him. He finally agreed to dig himself into the sand and settle down nearby until it was time for us to leave.
During the afternoon, I finally managed to get EG’s mail server functioning properly so that they were deluged by an entire week’s worth of mail in one go. Previously I had been speaking to Terry and Jan about progress. Terry later called me to say that he was delighted that the server was again operational however displeased by the volume of mail he now had to deal with. He called me as he was on his way to pick up Chris before leaving for a weekend trip.
On day one of the awning experience, I feel that it provides quite a bit of additional shade, particularly in the afternoon. I was still working when Valdemar appeared together with his iPhone and took up residence in my comfortable chair where he could use his iPhone whilst charging it from the power point which I put nearby. At that moment, the chair was still quite far back with the rear a little lower than the front. Valdemar was sitting in the chair with his feet tucked up underneath him. He suddenly decided to lean back to the full extent of the chair at which point it overturned leaving him laying on his back on the ground with his feet in the air. Fido took the opportunity to lick him whilst I declined to help him out of his predicament by going for my phone to take a picture. I have since uploaded the picture for you to enjoy. Later, in the evening, he returned with Ella to pick up his phone charging chord finding me sitting out in the twilight drinking Ouzo. He said that he liked the smell but was not too keen on the taste when I allowed him to have a try. I pointed out that Ouzo is one of those things that grows on you, a bit like red wine, and that by the time he was older perhaps he would have a different opinion.


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