All Quiet on the Cretan Front

Following their late-night bathing session until 01:00, the Danes have left to start their journey home. The parents came back to the tents to find the children up and playing cards so they decided to go for a spontaneous swim in the sea. It was their last night in Grammeno so what the hell. This morning Valdemar and Ella came round to say goodbye to all the dogs and we had a chat about languages with them trying to get me to pronounce impossible words in Danish. It transpires that Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are pretty similar and mutually comprehensible. Valdemar tells me he has completed one year of French and Ella one year of German. I went back with them to say bye to the rest of the family who were just finishing off the last of the packing before the taxi came to take them to the bus stop in Paleochora and the bus to Chania. They could not take their beach towels or the bed sheets or other bits and pieces so I gladly took the lot. I now have some pretty good large towels so can pension off mine for drying dogs in the winter. They were going to chuck all this stuff in the bin! No way I said! They have now left to go to Chania and then to Iraklio for the flight to Hamburg and then Denmark. Apparently, there are problems with the trains and they will have to use connecting buses. A journey I would gladly not wish to undertake especially with five children and all the cases. I suggested that they might need a holiday after the journey so could catch a flight back to Crete: or better still, cut out the middle man, and just stay in Crete for an indefinite holiday. They then started on stuff like work and school so the whole plan fell apart. I told them they have no option but to come back to Crete next year…

Erica and Janne were packing up when we came back from our morning walk and they managed to leave more or less on time. Janne returned on foot several minutes later as I think he forgot to turn off their power. He wants to come back to Grammeno in October however Erica cannot get enough time off school to make it worthwhile. I suggested that if Janne were to come back on his own we might get up to naughty things together without Erica there to supervise operations. Otherwise, they will come back for New Year. I mentioned last year’s weather but they will see nearer the time…
Talking to the nice lady who comes from Georgia at the supermarket we were bemoaning the amount of work we had to do. She mentioned my professional abilities to the manager who has a problem with one of the tills so I’m going back at 18:00 with a network tester and a few tools to see if I can sort it out. I should come away with a bottle of Ouzo for my trouble and he knows everyone there is to know so a useful contact.


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