Hot last night, hot the night before…

I saw Kostas’ jeep parked up this morning and looked along the rocks but didn’t see him. This evening he was on the rocks having just had a swim. It transpired that he’d been a little ‘under the weather’ today and had spent the day sleeping in the cave near his jeep. How the dogs didn’t find him I have no idea. I’m sure he would have loved to have been serenaded by Luis at 7am. Apparently he was in a taverna somewhere and he had a little too much wine. He’s still not smoking though. He asked me what I drink and I said I bought 5kg (5l) boxes from the supermarket. He was about to tell me what a drunk I was when I told him it takes me over two weeks to drink it! The bottle of ouzo I bought in October last year has nearly run out.

On the beach earlier, some boys in an inflatable boat appeared, some bearing snorkels. One boy was in the boat on his own and approached the beach where Luis was barking ferociously at him. At the last minute the boy would veer off leaving Luis triumphant on the beach. The boy would return later to repeat the process. Finally all the boys landed so Boris was unable to resist boys who would throw his ball and deserted me. Fortunately the boys were good throwers and kept Boris busy until they embarked for a landing on the main Grammeno beach.

My neighbours have just visited to play with the dogs before going off for a meal so I’ve had a bit more Greek practice. It seems strange that I am better at Greek than they are at English. There is another Greek couple nearby who are just setting up. I’m not sure how long they will be staying but they have a good spot.

In the distance I can hear someone playing the guitar and someone else with a Lyrai. All very Cretan.

Mr Lawrence had a good trip with his son Joe. They went cycling along the Rhine in Germany for two weeks. We had a bit of a chat earlier today.

More work with Inter Sport in Lewes earlier and EG in Walton. New computers in Lewes and a new network switch in Walton.

I’ve got fed up with the small dogs barking so fitted the collars. We should have peace for the remainder of the night.

I think it’s going to be another hot night so sleeping outside maybe.


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