Sleeping out

I was outside until 02:00 as it was hot again, however, it cooled right down to 23C early this morning which was nice for our morning walk. Boris appeared a little more sprightly this morning, going rushing after his ball. I read that Rimadyl can help dogs with joint problems so I’ve started him on a course of that as I have some left from a previous event. If it does the job I’m sure I can get more from my friendly online Spanish store who sells anything without requiring a prescription.

I’ve done lots of washing today, the towels and sheets I inherited and some shirts and shorts, and hijacked Erica’s washing line as there are people camped in my drying area. Never mind, in a few weeks they’ll all bugger off and I’ll have the place to myself again. There is not an amazing number of punters on the camping and the beaches are not very crowded so far anyway. That said, I feel there are more people free camping than last year, trying to save their pennies.

Very few other excitements I’m afraid.


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