I just don’t know where the day went!

I’m glad to hear you’re getting your money’s worth from the NHS.

This morning I met up with a young German lad who was on the beach a couple of days back, camping in the wild by the sea. He appeared this morning with several plastic bottles and some mugs to wash up. I was on my way back so it was probably around 07:15: a bit early for youth to be up. He said they’d had a couple of glasses of wine the evening before and gone to bed so he was up getting water for coffee from the tap on the beach. We got chatting, as one does, about the meaning of Life, the Universe, and everything but I took the opportunity of bringing him up to date with a little history, fall of Crete and the fact that announcing your Germanness at this time might be a little unwise under certain circumstances. He decided to say he was Austrian from now on as he felt that being Swiss might cause resentment as they are perceived as rich.

It transpired that the two other people he is with are boy and girl, and, since organising the trip, they have fallen madly in love, leaving him as gooseberry. I suggested he might go off on his own and leave them to it as it must be extremely awkward for him. Added to that, they are miles from anywhere so he has nothing much to entertain himself as they have each other. I said that they might appear reluctant if he announced he was going off on his own but they would probably be empty words as they would most likely be better to go their separate ways. Not much of a holiday for him watching his friends canoodle in the surf! I told him where I am if he wants a chat and left him to it. Nice lad, quite intelligent and speaks good English for a Kraut.

It was gone 09:30 when I got back and I still had stuff to do for EG so I rushed off to the supermarket for bread ending up being asked for dog advice from the nice lady from Georgia. I said I could help her, but not in Greek, so the lovely Maria, who speaks English, was relieved on the checkout, in order to talk dog with me. She has a young Rottweiler, only a year old, who is trashing the place when she’s out. I suggested that the dog is bored, needs lots of exercise, and should be contained when left unattended to save the garden, the flowers and their shoes. Back to Grammeno to sort out EG, Inter Sport and also Mr Lawrence who had a printer problem. It’s all go here!

This evening there was a German woman called Marianna on the beach who was visiting Greece for the first time. She says she will be back, played ball with Boris whilst Fido supervised her food in case she had any difficulties. I was quite busy during the day and Fido got tied around the awning pole so was unable to reach his food bowl under the trees, so was quite hungry. We had a good chat as she spoke English well. She was a biologist so interested in the plant life which is all around in that location. She said she felt it was a little too hot for her in the summer however I suggested that it was quite cool compared to other years. I have historical data to fall back on from the Paleochora weather station’s website.

My dogophile Greek neighbours have departed and the young couple with bikes look as though they are packing up too. The tree lights have just come on, Dave has just noisily eaten his food and flopped out on a cushion. Luis is in the sand next to me and Fido is not too far away. Boris has declared the day ended and retired to his kennel. The bats are just coming out.


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