Holiday weekend

Are you having a birthday soon? All the 8s is it? It’s a pity the rain didn’t save itself for your birthday as it traditionally rains on that day. Not that it will make you feel any better but there is a 60% chance of a thunder storm here tomorrow. Well, that was the forecast the last time I looked. Rodney phoned from under a tree where he was sheltering from the heavy rain. He was supposed to be clearing brambles but had to give in.

On the beach tonight was a young German woman and her Greek boyfriend. Her family has a house nearby so she has been coming to Greece for 24 years. She mentioned she’d spent time in Vancouver so I was telling her about a film I’d seen recently. Apparently, she’d just completed a film qualification so she knew a bit about films. I gave her a few more titles to consider, all French as it turned out: Au revoir Les Enfants, Tomboy and Les Choristes.

I have a multitude of new Greek neighbours, as this weekend is 15 August, so a holiday in Greece. They are cheekily camped out in Janne and Erica’s plot and even on their decking! I’m not quite sure they would be entirely happy about this but the fence creates a convenient barrier and an inviting area for a group to camp. One of the children’s tents is right up against the fence where I have moved Boris so that he is a bit more contained and out of the way as there are likely to be lots of people here. The tent is no more than 1m from the back of the van. Previously this would not have happened. They are quite a noisy lot as the locals like to talk loudly anyway. I tend to stay up late at this time of year as I prefer a siesta in the afternoon so don’t go to bed until 02:00 and then up at 06:30. We’ll see how well they cope with me going out first thing in the morning with the dogs. It’s a bit cheeky of Georgia too as Janne and Erica pay for the year so the pitch is theirs. They might decide to put another fence at the other end. I might go and watching some loud movie in a minute.


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