Grammatical abuse

For ‘unmark’ read ‘deselect’.

I’m not sure which application uses that expression, but probably Outlook.
My departing Greek neighbours have just kindly donated 500ml of “very good” [with strong Greek accent] olive oil over the fence. I replied, in my best Greek, “oil, great, thank you very much!”. They are packing up all their stuff and loading their car. The others in their party left yesterday.
I’ve had a very quiet day, fortunately, as recently it has been very busy most days. It’s quite hot and humid due to the amount of water that fell out of the sky the other day so I’ve been chilling out carrying out extensive evaluations of the distant mountains. My evaluation process has been punctuated by the occasional outburst from Luis who periodically sees something interesting so decides to alert everyone. How considerate he is!
There are now more new neighbours the other side of the Germans but I have not worked out their nationality. Last night there was a young lad, a small dog and an older woman there. I was not too delighted about having another dog so close since they all set each other off from time to time. However, this morning, they carefully packed up all their stuff, took back to the store the items they had borrowed and tidied up all their rubbish.
One of the things I intend to do in a minute is check Janne and Erica’s area for rubbish and damage, but I suspect these guys are not leaving immediately as I think I heard they were going for a swim first. Lots of door slamming and now it’s gone quiet…


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