Maria and Vagelis left by bus

I watched Maria and Vagelis as they boarded the bus for Paleochora this morning just as I was returning from the supermarket having bought bread and dog meat. They were busily packing up earlier and gave me some of the stuff they were unable to take with them including some aluminium folding chairs. They are only cheap ones and are already displaying signs of bum-fatigue, but they will do for agile visitors. You need to be agile as they are extremely low. Quite comfortable once one is installed but a bit of a struggle to get out of later. They are off to Chania to spend time with some friends and thence, I presume, home. A nice couple who have helped me to improve my Greek with useful phrases like: ‘Why is my cat farting?’ Vagelis has a cat which his parents were looking after but there was a bit of a cat drama over the weekend when the blighter went AWOL. I later saw the moggy on the camera Vagelis has set up in his house for cat monitoring purposes. In case you ever need to know that expression in Greek it is: Γιατί η κλανí η γάτα μου;

For some reason Fido wouldn’t settle last night so I had to get up to him a couple of times – great joy! I had the Small Dogs in with me whilst the noisy neighbours were there and the holiday weekend was underway. It was their first night out in their cages for three days. I eventually put his remote collar on him and he got the message.
Janne and Erica sent me a nice email last night saying that they understood my situation with Georgia and that they would not implicate me in any action they took. In fact they had the foresight to ask Manolis (bar and cabin-building Manolis) to take a look at their caravan on the pretext of the heavy rainfall which I had alerted them too. That way they could find out via him that people were camping all over the place and then instruct me to take photos on their behalf.


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