Dave goes swimming I

Dave didn’t go out this evening, of his own choice, but he has eaten a bowl of food and seems to be breathing normally so I think he has survived the experience. Hopefully he’ll be more careful and I’ll be more wary.

I’m amusing myself watching Luis trying to get to a piece of bread which is just out of reach of his line. Fido is approaching from the other direction however Luis is warning him off by growling. If Luis goes back around the tree he will have plenty of line, but then I’ll be deprived of the entertainment. It gives him something to do and takes his mind away from barking at anyone who moves in the camping.

I met Kostas, Salt Man, on his way back from the rocks this morning. He says the salt collection is all over for this year due to all the water from the storm we had last Friday. He had a very young puppy in his Jeep which I believe was destined for a friend later.

Nice Lady in the Supermarket was very concerned about Dave’s near-death experience but I should imagine the whole of Kountoura, Paleochora and most of the Chania province will be in the know before the day is out.

Recent work opposite the camping reveals more greenhouses being constructed. Coming back from the beach earlier, there was a man measuring and fencing off** the boundary adjacent to the camping across the road from the greenhouse construction site. **tying some string between, wait for it…reinforcing rods driven into the ground.

Fido got the bread in the end.


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