Dog food

I have been sorting out dog food. When it rained last Friday, there were 40kg of dog food on the large table covered, I thought adequately, with polyethene as all of my green plastic bins are already full of food. Since the rain was much heavier than I or any of the weather forecasts anticipated, some water managed to penetrate the lower of the two bags. I moved the bags to a drier location once the rain stopped, however, the lower of the two split due to the weight of food and the dampness of the bag. This sent a cascade of dog food onto the ground so I saw Luis sitting next to a pile of food bigger than himself. I gathered it all hurriedly up and shoved it into a polythene sack I had to hand. A couple of days later, once everything had dried out, I went to the sack to sort out the food. Some of it had become mouldy so I spread it out on the table and picked out the contaminated bits. Then I left it all in the sun to dry for a few days before going through it again and packing it into fresh bags to store in a cool, dry location as it says on the package. Now it is all dry and ready to eat.

I had a call from Matthew earlier as his wife had emailed both of us the latest letter from the embassy in Thailand. The appeals tribunal are on to the Immigration Department to make a decision by 8 October or the tribunal will decide for the Immigration Department. There is also an opportunity to supply further information so I am suggesting they say that Molly has been sent back to Thailand to be with her mother, that Matthew cannot cope without his wife, and the situation in Thailand is more insecure following the recent bombings. Hopefully, that should jolly things along. It’s not as if there are are other immigrants to deal with at the moment since UK seems to be shutting them all out leaving either Greece, Italy or Germany to deal with them. Of course, it’s particularly easy for Greece since soon they will have all of the lovely bailout money which they will be able to spend as they please.
According to the the forecast, it is grey in Lewes today which I’m sure will make a nice change. I also note that it will not only be raining on 24 August as is usual but also on the 23 and 25 August too!


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