Pink shorts

I recall talking to you for around 90 minutes earlier today. This might be construed as ‘contact’. Or was it someone else?

The young man with the bright pink shorts and his girlfriend have packed up their tent and either moved to another part of the camping especially reserved for people wearing bright pink shorts, or left altogether

In deference to a certain 88th birthday, rumoured to be taking place on Monday, Crete has become cloudy this afternoon.

I have spent an hour or so in a state of extreme relaxation and contemplation in the shade of my awning.

There seem to be a lot fewer people on the camping than yesterday.

The nice Italian family I was speaking to earlier do not appear to be here anymore.

George has pegged down the [Grammeno] tent which has been looking a little sad for the past couple of days, and put some of the mattresses, left out to dry after last Friday’s rain, in the workshop. The store still looks as though there has been a Major Event and it’s necessary for the nice laundry and toilet cleaning lady to step over all the clutter in order to hang up the washing.

Since all the racket during our telephone conversation, Luis has been almost silent: or has Fido gagged him?

I may have mentioned that my [new] fridge has proved a little over enthusiastic in so far as my cucumber came out frozen the other day as did some of the grapes. I can report that grapes freeze better than cucumbers, however, neither is particularly suited to freezing as I had to throw most of the cucumber away. The maximum design temperature for the fridge is 32C so I feel it may be over compensating. Careful placing of vulnerable items is essential.


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