Sunny and warm here with quite a bit of wind. In fact, I took my awning down yesterday for fear of it breaking loose and creating all kinds of havoc.

I’m glad you had a good birthday and the weather lived up to your expectations. It is August, and it is UK and you are heading towards a holiday weekend, so what should it be doing other than rain?
I hope you enjoy the Killing. Not a particularly appealing name maybe. The original Danish name is Forbrydelsen, which I was taught to pronounce correctly by my young visiting Danes, which means ‘Taken’. The victim was taken and then killed so both counts are catered for. It’s quite a long story and there are many twists and turns in the plot so you have to keep up or you won’t know what’s going on. No naughty dropping off to sleep or you won’t be able to follow properly. I shall be asking questions at the end.
Enjoy the rain. I understand it’s good for the garden…


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