Getting my garden back

There are not so many people on the camping now although the Italian family has been replaced by a German couple. The four Germans who were sleeping outside without a tent left yesterday after two nights but another couple of young lads, who have left today, also were sleeping outside. All of these are definitely hikers who are following the E4 trail which conveniently passes right by the camping. The pairs of huge hiking boots and rucksack give the game away a bit.

Autumn is on the way as the days and nights appear already to be getting cooler. I was under my sheet again last night as it was considerably cooler than previous ones. It has not been necessary for me to use my fan inside during the day either but at least the heating won’t be going on for a while yet.
The English couple from Hampshire are still here and I went to them for a drink yesterday evening. They are not very far away from me so I am able to monitor the dogs and issue the occasional remote chastisement if required. They usually get the message quite quickly. Boris woke me up this morning as there must have been another cat nearby again. There have been fewer stray cats than previously, however, they are a bit of a pain when the roam around in the night trying to steal food from the dog bowls. There are a couple of stray dogs too which are a bit of a nuisance on occasions.
Sitting reading outside yesterday afternoon, I was suddenly confronted by the French guy who came here about this time last year. He told me that he had visited several other campings on the island but had returned to France for a bit during the winter. He made the right choice as it was cold here and very wet. He said that he’d arrived and wanted to know if I was still here and to catch up. How nice!
Yesterday was quite busy with support calls from people wanting me to fix their broken computers. They have no respect for people who just want to have a quiet life and who wish to sit in the sun reading…

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