Not the Amina H

Sitting in the van last night, I was certain I could hear the sound of large diesel engines. I walked around outside but could see nothing unusual so I came back in. Eventually, the sound disappeared and I went to sleep. This morning, whilst out walking the dogs, I understood why I had heard the sound of big diesels. In the bay, almost where the Amina H was moored all those days, is another ship. Unfortunately, for some reason, the ship’s AIS (Automatic Identification System) which allows the vessel to be tracked, is switched off, so I am unable to give you the name or any details of this new visitor to the bay. You have Costa, I have ships.

I keep forgetting to mention that the Sea Daffodils are starting to come out on the beach and in the dunes. There are not many at present, as eventually there will be thousands of them. The ones I can see now look strong and healthy.
It’s windy again today and everything in the van is covered in dust. Fortunately, I have a keyboard cover on my laptop but the screen needs cleaning off again as I can hardly see what I’m writing when the sun is shining across it. As for the floor and other surfaces, not much point in doing anything until the wind calms down.
Just now I have cleared up some of the clutter in the store room next to the van: beach umbrellas, tools, cable, wood and other stuff simply scattered about everywhere. I’m not the tidiest person in the world but at least I clear up now and again and make less mess. I also stacked the wood and other tools and bits between the store room wall and the Grammeno Ferrari as I’m fed up having to clamber over all the clutter they leave everywhere when I go to the shower/toilets or sink. Then they just park the pickup with absolutely no thought for anyone trying to walk past. It’s the problem with employing boys to work on the camping. In fact, the only person who had any professionalism was Dimitris and he ‘disappeared’ without trace months ago. George seems to do the minimum and Mario is a student who is trying to make a bit of money during the holidays. Neither of them have many practical skills and George is a mixture of Houdini and Lord Lucan – he always manages to be elsewhere when there’s work to be done and has a Master’s in watching others work. When Dimitris was here, George would sit in the truck playing with his phone whilst Dimitris unloaded it. George is Georgia’s little pet and he walks her dogs, so he’s safe unless he does something really stupid. I think Georgia looks upon George as her Andy substitute but he’s nowhere near as talented as Andy who built most of what is in the camping. Still, Georgia knows best as she’s the boss!


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